January 16, 2018

Cycle Aware Update

Jennifer Bonham presented preliminary findings from the Cycle Aware project to a workshop at the Australasian Road Safety Conference (Perth, 10th-12th October 2017). The workshop was organized and facilitated by Marilyn Johnson and brought together practitioners, policy makers and researchers involved in driver education and training from around Australia.

Jennifer also presented on the Cycle Aware project at the International Cycling Conference (ICC) in Mannheim, Germany in September 2017. You can find Jennifer’s presentation ‘Cyclist-related content in driver licensing processes: cyclists as hazards’ by scrolling down the list of presenters at International Cycling Conference. Jennifer also took the opportunity to meet with colleagues in Europe to discuss how they incorporate cyclist-related information into their driver education and training systems.

An article related to the Cycle Aware project has recently been published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention (AAP).
Bonham, J., Johnson, M. (2018). Cyclist-related content in novice driver education and training. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 111: 321–327.