Royal Automobile Association

The Royal Automobile Association of SA (RAA) is an independent organisation with over 720,000 members. As the State’s leading non-government organisation representing road users, RAA is the principal advocate on a broad range of mobility and road safety issues. These issues are not limited to just motoring, rather RAA members are also cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users, as such we represent our members in all mobility related areas.

Royal Automobile Association + Cycle Aware

The findings will provide information on how to safely and effectively share the available road space through a better understanding of specific issues that impact cyclists that ride on roads.

Royal Automobile Association’s Representative on the Project Team

Charles Mountain

The role as RAA’s Senior Manager Road Safety sees him as one of the association’s key spokespeople on a broad range of transport, access and road safety related issues.

He manages a team of technical specialists in areas of traffic engineering, research and data analysis who investigate and report on issues affecting all road users and pedestrians to enable RAA to inform and advocate for better roads and access.

He represents the Australian Automobile Association on the Australian Standards Committees on the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the parking standards. He is a member of the Safe Systems Working Group that delivers and reviews the State’s Road Safety Action Plan.
Prior to joining the RAA, Charles had over 25 years’ experience in local government during which time he managed transport and traffic teams, addressing issues such as local area traffic management, traffic and parking demands associated with new developments and establishing safe cycling routes.

He has studied engineering, business and public sector management policy and is a road safety auditor.